When you’re new to the game, you can easily be confused by some of the terms your fellow players may use. This is a handy list meant to explain most of the commonly used Terminology.  It will be listed in alphabetical order to make it easier to look through. This is limited for commonly used terminology.


  • Affinity – The Experience gained by killing enemies of completing objectives.
  • Alliance – A group of allied player Clans.
  • Alert – Missions that appear randomly throughout the solar system which have varying rewards, some exclusive to these missions.
  • AMD – Antimatter Drop, Nova’s Second ability.
  • AOE/AoE – Area of Effect, the radius which an ability can affect.
  • AW – Archwing


  • Baking – Term used for an item being crafted in the foundry.
  • Bar – The horizontal bar shaped Naramon Polarity.
  • Booben – Nickname for the Vauban Warframe
  • BP – Abbreviation of Blueprint.
  • Buff – Refers to a general improvement. This can be a skill that boosts stats or claiming a weapon needs more damage or more of another stat.


  • Cap – Refers to the Capture mission type.
  • CC – Short for Crowd Control, or something ability to disable enemies via a stun, blind, or other method.
  • Cell – Shorthand for Orokin Cell, a rare resource.
  • Clan – Player Guild.
  • Clantech – Refers to items found only in Clan Dojo research.
  • Co-op Door – Refers to doors that require two party members to open.  Can be opened by yourself if solo.
  • Corpus – One of the main enemy factions of the game.
  • Corrupted – A faction of enemy found only in Void mission.
  • Corrupted Mods – Mods that have a positive and a negative effect.


  • D – Refers to the D-shaped Vazarin Polarity.
  • Dash –  See Bar.
  • DC, D/C – Disconnect.
  • Def – Refers to the Defence Mission type.
  • Dojo – Clan building that is constructed by players, outside of the starting hall. used for Trading and clantech mostly. Has numerous other functions to members of a clan.
  • Down – A state which you enter after dying in a party. You may be picked up by another party member without the use of a revive.
  • Dogs – usually refers Kubrows, a companion.
  • Draco – Refers to the Ceres node of the same name. Currently used as a quick levelling area.
  • Dual Mod – Refers to Nightmares mods which give a boost to two stats.
  • DS – Dark Sector. Territorial missions that are controlled by players.
  • DSD/DSS – Dark Sector Defence or Survival. The two mission types for Dark sectors.


  • Ext – Refers to the Extermination mission type.
  • Extract/Extraction – Refers to exiting a mission or heading to the extraction point.
  • Exp – See Affinity.


  • Farm – Repeatedly running a mission type to gather a desired item or amount of resources.
  • Forma – The Forma item used to add polarities to weapons and Warframes.
  • (#) Forma – Referring to a weapon that has been forma’d, with # being replaced by the number of forma used on the weapon.
  • Fusion Core – A special mod used exclusively for Fusion to increase the rank of other mods.


  • G3 – Abbreviation for the Grustrag Three. The Grineer invasion style Mini-boss(es).
  • Glass Cannon – A frame capable of dealing high damage, but has low defences.
  • Grind – See Farm.
  • Grineer – One of the main enemy factions.
  • Guide of the Lotus, GotL – Highly knowledgeable players that new players should seek out should they need help.


  • Harvester – Refers to the Zanuka Hunter by it’s original name.
  • Hitscan – A weapon whose shot deal damage the instant the trigger is pulled.


  • Infected – One of the main enemy factions.
  • Infuse/Infusion – Refers to an augmented ability that can add damage to another player’s weapons.


  • Keys – Refers to Void keys, which allow access to the Void. Can also refer to Dragon Keys, which are used to access vaults containing corrupted mods in Orokin Derelict Mission types.


  • LFM/LFG – Players looking for members for a group or just looking for a group.
  • Lobster – Refers to Trinity’s  appearance resembling a Lobster.
  • Lotus – Name of the NPC that guides you through missions.
  • Life Support – Refers to canisters found in Survival as either standing canisters or dropped from enemies.


  • Mastery Rank – Your overall account level.
  • Mats – Resources, short for materials.
  • MD – Refers to the Mobile defence mission type.
  • Mods – Cards picked up during missions that are used to enhance Warframes and Weapons.
  • MR – Short for Mastery Rank.
  • M. Prime – Usually refers to Nova’s Fourth ability, Molecular Prime.


  • Nerf/Nerfed – Something recently weakened or in need of it.
  • Nightmare Mods – Mods rewarded from Nightmare Mode missions. Usually have two positive stats.
  • NM/Nightmare – Nightmare Mode. High difficulty missions that reward Nightmare mods on completion.
  • Nuke – Refers to a weapon or power’s ability to kill large amounts of enemies.


  • O Cell – See Cell.
  • OD – Orokin Derelict missions. Usually followed by shortened Mission type.
  • Orokin – The race that Tenno are descendants of.


  • PC – Price Check. Mostly commonly used in trade chat to try and figure out the price of an item.
  • Plat, P – Platinum, the game’s premium paid currency. Used as currency in the market for cosmetics, or in trade for items. obtainable only in trade or by purchasing.
  • PM – Private Message or Whisper.
  • Potato – Refers to either Orokin Catalysts or Orokin Reactors. These items double mod capacity.
  • Prime – refers to items collected in the Void, which features changed stats. Also can refer to Nova fourth ability.
  • Proc – Refer to the chance of, or inflicting a status effect on an enemy.
  • PST – Please Send Tell, See PM.
  • Pubs/Pugs – Public or Pickup groups. usually refers to people outside of a preorganized group.


  • QT – The Quick Thinking mod.


  • Red Text – In game announcements from developers, usually seen before hotfixes. Refers to the text’s red color.
  • Rep, ReputationSee Syndicate Standing.
  • RNG – Random Number Generator. Refers to random chances.
  • RNGesus – A fictional deity you look to for proving loot. A joking nickname attributed to RNG, implying you’re praying for luck.
  • Rush – Refers to the mod of same name or completing an objective quickly.


  • Sab, Sabo – Sabotage mission type.
  • Salad V – Nickname for Alad V, the boss found on Jupiter.
  • Sigil – An emblem placeable on your Warframe.
  • Slowva/ Slow Nova – Refers to a high power strength Nova that slows enemies with M. prime.
  • Speed Nova – Refer to a Nova using Overextended with no strength. This will cause enemies to be sped up.
  • Stunlock – Referring to keeping an enemy in a constant stun-like state, preventing damage.
  • Syndicate – Factions that the Tenno can side with that provide augments and exclusive gear.
  • Syndicate Standing – Refers to the reward point earn by completing mission while wearing a Syndicate Sigil.


  • Tank – A player that can absorb or take a large amount of damage without dying.
  • Taxi – Refers to the act of having another player take you to a mission you don’t have access to for an Alert or otherwise.
  • Tower, T – Refers to Void missions. usually followed with which level(1,2,3,4)  and mission type.
  • Tomato – Exilius Adapters. Used to unlock the Exilius slot.


  • Ult, Ultimate – A warframe’s fourth ability.


  • V – Refers to the V-shaped Madurai Polarity.
  • Vault – Refers to the vaults in Orokin Derelict missions. Opened with Dragon keys.


  • Warframe – The exosuit worn by Tenno.
  • WTB – Want to Buy.
  • WTS – Want to Sell.
  • WTT – Want to Trade.


  • XPSee Affinity.