Where To Next?

This guide assumes you’ve finished the tutorial. If you’re looking for a starter guide, click here.

So you’ve finished the tutorial quest, Vor’s Prize and have been introduced to the basics of the game. This guide will serve to continue your progression through the initial content. Keep in mind, this is a very general guide and at this point you are free to progress how you wish.

We’ll be looking at your possible options and weigh out the best options available to you. Feel free to take whichever path you choose Tenno.

Option 1: Planet Clearing


The goal is to make it so all of these nodes are completed.

At this point, you have access to 4 different planets, thanks to Vor’s Prize; Those being Mercury, Earth, Venus and Mars. So you have some options here. Each of these planets have varying missions available and different levels as well. In order of lowest level to highest level: Mercury, Earth, Venus and finally Mars. Let’s talk about each of these planets and what you can expect, as well as some of the boss drops.

Mercury & Earth: Both of these are low level Grineer planets. Level range 1-6

Most of Mercury’s mission are on the smaller, cover-dense Galleon tileset. This tileset is great for new players to mess around on until they can get better mods for higher level missions. There’s plenty of cover to take advantage of, making it easier to survive early on. Mercury has a wide array of available modes.

Mercury Boss Loot: Cronos Longsword, Seer Pistol Parts. Both of these weapons are fairly good upgrades to your current weapons. Only downside is you may be missing a resource or few to craft the Seer. Though it is a really strong weapon to have early on.

Earth has its own tileset that is much more open. There still is a fair amount of cover, but is mostly open forested area. The main danger to be wary of on this tileset is Kubrows. These are wild dog-like creatures, they have a lot more health and do a fair amount of damage to both you and the Grineer. They will attack the Grineer due to them being neutral. For the most part, these will not be hostile towards you unless you damage them. Earth does have a mode that’s not yet been introduced yet, Excavation.

Earth Boss Loot: Hydroid Warframe Parts. While the idea of getting a new frame is nice, this boss is a bit of a hassle for undergeared players. I’d recommend getting help from a more experienced played if you do wish to get this frame.

Venus & Mars: Both of these are slightly tougher Corpus planets. Level range 6-12

Both of these planets have the same mix of tilesets. So are strictly indoors, while some are strictly outdoors. Both have a fair amount of cover. These planets are not recommended for newer players. Due to the higher levels, the enemies may give you a lot of problem if you haven’t managed to make any friends or find groups of people to run with. Both also have a fair amount of game modes available.

Venus Boss Loot: Rhino Warframe Parts & Howl of the Kubrow Quest. Rhino is a great beginner frame. It’s really durable and does fair damage. Only downside is that it’s locked until you have mastery Rank 2. It is possible to have leveled enough gear by the point to have achieved this rank. The first time you defeat this boss, you also get access to the Howl of the Kubrow quest, which can give you access to Kubrow Companions at a later point.

Mars Boss Loot: Mag Warframe Parts. If you opted to not start with Mag in the tutorial, you can pick her up on the boss node of this planet. This boss only has one gimmick, being that he can go invisible. He won’t run far, and you can still shoot him. Probably one of the easier bosses to fight until he gets reworked.

Option 2: Quests


Quests screen of the codex. This shows you your active and available quests.

While there aren’t many quests available early on, there are a few that will introduce things to you. Immediately following Vor’s Prize, you get access to the quest Once Awake. This quest will introduce you to the third main faction of the game, the Infested. This quest starts with level 6 enemies, so it may not be best to take it on right away after finishing the tutorial. But if you’re up for it, you may be able to manage.

Once you defeat the boss Jackal on Fossa, Venus; you gain access to the Howl of the Kubrow quest. This quest will introduce you to Kubrows, and should you completed it, will allow you have a tamed version of a kubrow as a pet. These will assist you in fighting enemies, but will cost a lot of credits to maintain as well as hatch.

Finally, once you rank Mastery Rank 3, you will get access to The Archwing quest. This quest introduces you to Archwings. Archwings are sets of jet wings that attach to your warframe allowing for space combat. Apart warframes, they have their own separate weapons and abilities, but are still controlled by your active warframe.

Option 3: Mod Progression


Fusing up a Redirection to make it stronger.

This kind of is a passive thing that you can do alongside the other options. Upgrading your mods is essential to your progression in the game. You will pick up several mods throughout your playtime, and knowing what to focus on and when can be rough. We won’t explain that here unfortunately, but there will be a guide coming for that soon. The main things to keep in mind are to focus on survivability for your frame, and damage for your weapons.

We do advise that early on you don’t rank mods up too much, especially starting out. As you get new frames, it will be helpful for you to be able to slot mods on early, and if you don’t have any low cost mods, you may struggle a bit more with leveling them.

Option 4: Mastery Rank Progression


This, while it may be slightly more difficult early on, is still possible. It’s also quite important to furthering your available gear. Some gear is Mastery Locked, meaning you can’t get access to it until you reach a certain Mastery Rank.

The trick to this is just playing and leveling gear. Again, All weapons grants 3,000 XP in total and Frames/Companions grant 6,000 in total at level 30. Any XP you get is permanent, so going over doesn’t halt you from progressing. You can get several levels worth mastery stored up and take your tests as necessary. If you’re worried that tests are a surprise, You can always look at the wiki page for the mastery tests. They have a description and a video listed for each test, so you know what to expect and how to prepare accordingly.

Here are some of the notable things you will get access to as you progress your mastery rank:

Rank 2: Trading – At Rank 2, you get access to Trading, while you only get one per day at this rank, you will get an extra every level afterwards. Trading will allow you to get easier access to mods you don’t have yet. It’s not really recommended to try trading too early on though.

Rank 3: Archwing – This is completely different way to experience the game. Archwing has a few of the modes you’ve probably already seen, but you get to experience them in a different setting.

Rank 3: Syndicates – These are factions that players can ally with. These factions will give you rewards for progressing through their ranks. You gain standing, which serves as xp and reward points; and the rewards just for playing. The only downside, is that ranking them requires items you probably won’t have for a while yet.

Rank 12: All Weapons – At this point, nothing is locked to you any more.

Choosing Your Path

At this point, we’ll give you a brief review of the options again, and how we recommend you progress.

Up to this point, we’ve covered the two main things that you should focus on (Map clearing and Mod progression), and other things you don’t need to prioritize, as they happen naturally (Mastery Rank).

Your main point of progression should be the starmap and clearing nodes.  Most everything else you need to focus on even slightly will just happen as you do that. You may also want to look at expanding your arsenal and your gear as well. Whether it be hunting new weapons, or resources for them; or getting parts for new frames.


With this guide, we hope that new player will come to realize that unlike a lot of other games, this game doesn’t have a fixed progression. You can progress as fast or slow as you’d like. This should at least help newer players get a sense of direction and allow them to properly begin their journey into the solar system.

This guide is intended to be generalized. It’s not meant to be a step-by-step guide. The purpose is to give new players a nudge in the right direction, but let them experience the game in their own way.