Starting Out In Warframe

The purpose of this guide is to cover the tutorial quest, Vor’s Prize, the starting gear you can choose from and explain some advantages and disadvantages of each. This guide is is to help new Tenno understand the basics of the game mostly. It will touch on some things that you will need to know for the future, but most of it will be re-covered in later guides as well.

Your Starting Gear And Basic Tutorial

When you first create an account and login, you’ll be greeted by a cinematic clip of of the game’s main antagonist, The Grineer.  The Grineer are essentially an army of Clones. The Grineer here are accompanied by Grineer military leader, Captain Vor. Vor will serve as one of many of the game’s antagonists. In this Cinematic, they are attempting to capture a Tenno as they awaken from cryosleep. They attempt to capture this Tenno by planting an Ascaris. As they attempt to capture you, the guide to the Tenno, the Lotus, speeds up your awakening by surging your systems with power.


With the upcoming decisions, don’t worry. You can buy most these weapons directly for credits with no build time later on if you want to try what you missed out on. There are no right or wrong weapon choices or frame picks here. Choose what suits your playstyle the best.

Choosing a Warframe

It is at this point you are given your choice for your first Warframe. You are given these Three options: Excalibur, Mag and Volt. We’ll cover a bit about the frames stats, but only in basic detail and their powers.


Warframe Selection Screen. We have Mag selected in this image. (Image is Pre 18.13)


warframe excalibur


Excalibur is a great start frame with a mix of damaging abilities and crowd control abilities. He has a good balance of health and shields making him easier to mod for for survivability. Excalibur’s abilities can scale well into more difficult content later on, making him an excellent choice as a first frame.

ability_icons_excalibur_slash_dash_1 Slash Dash: Deals 100 damage to enemies in a cone up to 6m away from him.
ability_icons_excalibur_radial_blind_1 Radial Blind: Blinds all enemies within 8m for 7 seconds. Blinded enemies are opened to powerful finisher attacking without stealth. Acquired at Level 3
ability_icons_excalibur_radial_javelin_1 Radial Javelin: Deals 500 damage to a max of 5 enemies within 15m.  Requires line of sight. Acquired at Level 5.
ability_icons_excalibur_exalted_blade Exalted Blade: Draws an Ethereal Longsword at the cost of energy over time. Each swing of this sword launches an energy wave projectile. Both the Sword and Projectile deal 100 damage. Also causes Slash Dash’s attacks to shoot out the sword waves as well. Acquired at Level 10.



  • Average survivability.
  • Only Starter with abilities that scale well.
  • Can carry you into end game content
  • Good mix of crowd control and damage.


  • If not chosen, you will have to wait until you have access to Pluto, which is one of the hardest planets to get to.
  • Lowest base survivability for the starters.
  • No Crowd Control until you reach frame level 3.
  • Ultimate is a channeled skill which can drain all of your energy quickly.



warframe mag profile picture


Mag is the second choice given. Her starting power does fair damage while also offering some Crowd Control. She has lower health, but compensates with much higher shields. If you’re playing solo, her high shields allow for fairly good survival, as long as you allow them to recharge when low. She works well in teams, especially once she gets her second ability, Shield Polarize. Early on in the game, she handles well as a support frame but transitions to other roles later on.

ability_icons_mag_pull Pull: Pulls all enemies within a 15m cone to her dealing 100 Magnetic Damage and knocking them down.
ability_icons_mag_shield_polarise Shield Polarize: Restores 10% of her and allies within 10m radius. Also drains the same amount from enemies and deals magnetic damage based on how much was drained. (Blue Health)
ability_icons_mag_bullet_attractor Bullet Attractor: Marks a target with a magnetic bubble that draw all weapon fire to them. Also provides damage amplification to the target. This also will affect this enemy and nearby enemies ability to shoot you.
ability_icons_mag_crush Crush:  Magnetizes all enemies within 8m to deal 1000 damage over three ticks.


  • Very Early Crowd Control.
  • High Shields.
  • Works well in groups early on with her ability to restore shields starting at level 3.
  • Deals Magnetic Damage.
  • Highest base damage Ultimate.


  • Lowest base health in the game.
  • Not the best choice for solo players.




Volt is interesting in the fact he doesn’t focus damage, but acts as a caster frame. While being another Jack of All Trades frame, he has the highest base survivability of the three starters and has a damaging ability that offers crowd control in its proc. However, his first ability doesn’t have a cast range limit like the other two. His next two abilities that follow offer unique options for combat the other starters don’t have.

ability_icons_volt_shock Shock: Deals 75 damage to a target, which can chain up to 5 times to nearby targets. No limit to cast range. 100% chance to cause Electricity status which deals an additional 50% of damage to nearby enemies.
ability_icons_volt_speed Speed: Grants a 10% movement speed buff to you and allies within 15m.
ability_icons_volt_electric_shield Electric Shield: Deploys a wall of electricity, blocking all incoming fire and adding extra damage to outgoing fire for 10 seconds. Wall is 6m wide. Allied fire gains 50% bonus damage as electricity.
ability_icons_volt_overload Overload: Deals 150 damage to all enemies within 12m over 3 seconds. This ability hits twice over this duration, after overloading electronics. Overloads nearby electronics which arc out and deal 250 additional damage to target within 12m of device. All instance of damage will proc Electricity status.


  • High range first ability.
  • Slight crowd control early on with Shock.
  • Highest survivability of the starters.
  • Lots of team utility later on.


  • Low base damage with first power.
  • High potential damage with ultimate in the right setting.
  • Low base damages.


After choosing your first frame, you will be dropped into the beginning of the Tutorial mission. Dispatch the enemies as directed with your first power, then we’ll explain the UI a little, since the game doesn’t do that very well.


In the bottom right, you see this. This little overlay displays the ammo count and level of your currently equipped weapon, this portion will not be visible for a short bit. The white bar below weapon level is level progress. All weapons level independently of each other with kills. They also get shared EXP from ally kills.

The important part is the other half, which displays your Powers you have available, or ready to use. If you have enough energy, and are of level to use them, they will be colored white, if not they are grayed out. Below this, is your energy meter, and its value. This tells you how much energy you have in your pool. As a note your first power consumes 25, the second consumes 50, the third 75, and the final 100. These values will only change with mods, however, your energy pool will increase at certain levels.


In the upper right, you will see this overlay. This displays your health, shields, warframe level and party position.

The Blue portion of the health bar is Shields. These restore naturally while not taking damage. Health is in red, and will not recover naturally. The white bar below your warframe level is a progress bar toward your next warframe level.


Finally, in the upper left, we have The minimap and Mission Progress. Mission Progress will differ based on mission type but will display information relative to the mission. Always handy to look here at mission start so you know what you’re in for when you start a mission. Mission type is displayed pre-mission as well, but this will give you an exact count of enemies for thing like exterminate.

The minimap, which can be turned into a fullscreen overlay with TAB, will point out nearby enemies in modes like Exterminate, where killing is key. Most times, it will display a Yellow mission marker which points you to your objective.

As you progress through the tutorial, you will learn basic movement, and attack techniques, I will point out anything that should be noted as it becomes relevant.

For now, it’s time to pick a Melee Weapon!

Choosing a Melee Weapon


Here, you are presented with the choice between the iconic Skana (on left) and the MK1-Bo (on Right). Let’s cover these two briefly.


  • Lower damage than Bo.
  • Well rounded, dealing all three physical damage types
  • Deals primarily Slash, good against Grineer early.
  • Can proc Slash which deals damage over time, if not killed by the initial strike.
  • Low chance to crit.
  • Faster Strikes
  • Gets damage bonus from Excalibur’s passive, if you chose him.


  • Higher damage
  • Only deals 2 of the 3 Physical damage types.
  • Deals primarily Impact, good against corpus shields.
  • Lack of Slash and low Puncture damage make it slightly weaker unless facing corpus.
  • Higher chance to crit.
  • Slower hitting weapon.

Both of these weapons serve their purpose. The future weapon choices will allow you to counter any cons of these weapons. Do you want the early slow power of the MK1-Bo, or the quick striking Skana? The choice is yours.

After Choosing a Melee weapon, you will be taught how to attack with it, draw it out and wield it as a main weapon and perform stealth attacks. Here’s some things that went unmentioned.

Your Melee does not need to be the active weapon to hit with it. The Quick Melee Key (E by default) will swing your weapon regardless if it is or not. It also has a 3-attack combo, which is neat to look at but until you get a Stance mods, which expands your combos, it has no benefit.

While equipped, you gain access to Blocking and Channeling. Blocking allows you to block damage from incoming projectiles. Channeling allows you to expend energy into your melee attacks giving them bonus damage on hit.

You can also melee in the air, even slamming your weapon into the ground  to knockdown nearby enemies. This also opens them up to ground finishers which are similar to Stealth Finishers, minus the damage bonus.

Stealth Kills give you a temporary boost to your Experience (Affinity) gain. The amount and time for it are shown next to your health. This boost stacksup to 5 times, each succesful stealth kill resets the timer to the initial time. You have to be unseen and unheard to get this bonus, loud guns cannot achieve this bonus without mods.

After this you will be given your choice of your next weapon, your Secondary.

Choosing your Secondary


Here you are again, given two choices of weapons. This time it’s the Lato (on left) and MK1-Kunai (on right). Like the Bo and Skana, these have their distinct differences. Let’s touch on a few pros and cons of each.


  • Basic Handgun.
  • Loud weapon.
  • Lower damage of the two.
  • Instant damaging hitscan shots.
  • Semi-auto, but can fire faster.
  • Slightly slower reload.
  • Mostly Slash.
  • Can be turned into a stronger weapon later on.


  • Most ninja Like Option.
  • Silent.
  • Higher damage of the two.
  • Not Hitscan, projectile have travel time and arc.
  • Automatic, but slower.
  • Quick Reload.
  • Mostly Puncture.
  • Will end up getting replaced after fully leveling very likely.

Both of these weapons actually do a good job of covering the MK1-Bo’s weak points if you chose that. If you chose the the iconic Skana, then good on you. Though, it doesn’t affect the choice here.

The MK1-Kunai do require a bit of practice to be able to get better aim with. But they do have their advantages if you do like them. Should you manage stealth kills, they can level much faster than the Lato in a mission.

The Lato has the good benefit of being a blueprint requirement for a weapon you could build later on. Which bring me to a really good tip. Level all weapons and frames to 30. This will give you all of their mastery EXP. Mastery EXP will be explained later.

Shortly after this section of the tutorial, you’ll be given your final choice of the mission. Your primary Weapon.

Choosing a Primary Weapon


Yet again, you’re presented with two options. This time it’s the faithful MK1-Braton (Left) and the MK1-Paris (Right). You’re probably noticing something at this point, this is the only choice with two MK1 weapons. Don’t worry, it’s because the other weapons previously don’t have MK1 versions. The Braton does though.


  • Standard Assault Rifle.
  • Quick, Rapid Shots.
  • Lower Damage.
  • Cannot pierce enemies or cover.
  • Shots hit as they are fired.
  • Loud.


  • Fancy Bow.
  • Slower Shots
  • High damage, shots can be charged for even higher damage.
  • Fully Charged Shots have Punch Through, meaning it can hit multiple targets, or through walls.
  • Similar to MK1-Kunai, Projectile arc and have travel time.
  • Silent.

Almost the same situation here as with the Secondaries. The weapon designs are similar. You can have high damage weapons that can dispatch enemies with fewer shots, or lower damage weapons that can dispatch enemies at a slightly quicker pace.

For this choice, I recommend you take the opposite of the one you choice for Secondaries for a balanced weapon set. It wouldn’t be any good if you can’t land arrows or kunai and not have a fall back weapon for ranged combat.

Using What You’ve Learned

The tutorial ends off with a minute timer to escape. You need to stay alive for this minute, so use what you’ve learned in the tutorial, and this guide, to stay alive! There will be an endless amount of enemies that spawn as you kill them off. be sure to get lots of EXP from them!

Post-Basic Tutorial

For completing the Tutorial, you are given the Arsenal Segment to be installed at the very rear of your ship. It is here that you can customise and color your warframe, using the given colors. This is also where you will go to upgrade your frame and weapons, but not until after you get the Mods component.

With completion of the basic tutorial, You’ve also completed the first section of the quest called Vor’s Prize. I won’t spoil any of the story to this quest, but I will tell you briefly about the thing you unlock as you proceed and give you tips to help you complete it.

Restoring Your Ship’s Functionality

Throughout the quest, you will receive several segments to repair your ship. I will list these in the order you receive them and tell you a bit about them.

The Communications Segment

This segment will restore access to the Codex and Market Sections of the ship. These are located in the front, and is installed at the larger panel to the left when facing the ramp to the lower section from navigation.

The Codex will give you access to a few tutorials and some other information. If you purchase codex scanners from the market, you can scan enemies to see what they drop. I recommend taking the doing the tutorial for movement. This tutorial will introduce you to Bullet Jumping, Aim Gliding and Wall Latching.

The market is where you buy weapons for credits, or platinum if you really wanted to. You can buy some weapons whole for credits, most will be bought in blueprint form with requires the Foundry to craft.

The Mods Segment

The segment that start the real fun of warframe. After getting this, you can upgrade your weapons and Warframes with mods to make them better. This will be directly to your left when reaching the bottom of the ramp.

At this point, I’d like to caution that the mods you’ve picked up so far are broken mods. This means they are weaker than normal and are used to help you improves your gear early on. I recommend not upgrading these mods unless you pick up a spare that is also broken. These mods will help you, but not too much, try to only upgrade the normal version if possible.


How to tell the difference: All mods seen here are broken, with the exception of the Redirection in lower left. The appearance isn’t cracked.

I’d like to note that at the point the most helpful mods to install when possible are as follows:


  • Redirection
  • Vitality


  • Serration


  • Hornet Strike


  • Pressure Point
  • Fury

These mods will increase your ability to survive as well as increase your damage. If you don’t have space for all of them, don’t stress! As you level your frame and weapon, you also get Mod points to use. You get one point per level, unless you have a Orokin Catalyst or Orokin Reactor installed on a weapon or frame respectively. This will double your current mod points and all mod point gains giving you more space.

Early on, survivability for your frame is what you should focus on. As well as your weapons’ damage. This overall will allow you to handle content easier with less risk if you have to solo.

Foundry Segment

This segment will allow you to craft more weapons and frames for your use. You can purchase Blueprint for them in the Market and then gather resources to craft them.

Warframe’s will require you to get component blueprints from Bosses. Each boss will drop parts for a different Frame. Some bosses also do have unique weapons that they can drop as well, that’s not to be worried about for now though.

Mercury Nav Segment

This Segment is one of many dropped by bosses. This will allow you access the specified planet and progress into harder locations. At this point, you’re one step away from completing your first Quest.

Quests don’t play a huge role in this game, other than providing backstory or lore. They do occasionally unlock features. Some will unlock Warframes as well. The frames obtained via quest should never be sold off. Until quests are repeatable, they cannot be obtained again.


Mission Types Encountered During Quest

Let me give a quick rundown of the mission types you will face during the quest in order of appearance. I will also give you some tips to make it easier for you to succeed.

Intro Ending – Defence

Most defence missions in the future will not be timed and will feature waves instead of a timer. Normally, you’d have an object you need to defend as well. in this case it’s the ship, but it doesn’t have a health value.

My only Tip is is to kill everything for the free EXP.


This mission type has you stealing data from secured vaults. You must make it to the vault and retrieve the data without triggering the alarms.

The best tip I have for this, is to be as stealthy as possible. Enemies spawn endlessly, so having less of them makes it easier. This is CRUCIAL while in the vault. If alarms are triggered in the vault (which should be near impossible in this mission unless you shoot a loud weapon right as you enter), you will activate a countdown which the data must be retrieved before it ends.

While in the vault, be sure to avoid the laser by sliding down the water. They cannot touch you if you slide under them in the water.

The biggest difference here compared to a normal spy mission is that there is one vault, one guard and one basic trap. All other Spy missions will have 3 vaults, with varying difficulty, varying traps and possibly more guards!


This mission type has you sneaking into a Prison Block on the map to recover 1 NPC that you need to keep alive. The prison Block is protected by one regular enemy and one Warden. If this warden reaches a console to trigger the alarm, a countdown will begin at which the rescue target dies if you don’t succeed.

The prison block has several cells, some empty, some with enemies in them. Only one has the rescue target.

My tips, Play it stealth until you get the rescue target, then book it out. You can also give them your secondary if you’re worried about them dying somehow, it will allow them to protect themselves. Only you need to reach extraction, but they must stay alive. The best thing to keep in mind, wardens are weak to stealth attacks! Why? I don’t know. They just are, use it.

Compared to the normal game mode, there’s less guards. There may also be more or less enemies roaming as well.


This mission will have you retrieving the Mercur nav Segment, but that’s not the sabotage part. The real sabotage part happen when you opt to destroy the ships power core instead of immediately extracting. I recommend doing this.

This mode usually have you destroying something by some means. In this case, a Power Core with your weapons.

There aren’t any tips necessary here, this mission type is pretty basic. Just stay alive and do what needs to be done. Then leave.


This mission type has you hunting an assassination target. This target will ALWAYS be the boss of a planet. Each boss is unique in their attacks and vulnerability patterns. Always pay attention to avoid damage, take cover when necessary.

This first boss has the ability to teleport around. He’ll usually do so very little though. His invulnerability phases trigger at certain healths, which he become invulnerable while summoning some Grineer to fight you while he’s protected.

My tip, don’t run solo if you don’t have to. Tenno are stronger in groups, you’ll be able to take him out much easier if you group with someone. Though, ask for someone that’s a low mastery level if you ask in recruiting chat. Chances are though, you’re probably not the only new player just starting.

Important Things to Also Know

Mastery Rank

Now that the quest is completed cover and done, you’ve probably hit escape and noticed this


If the bar shown below your name is full and blinking, you can take a Mastery Test! Mastery test allow you more access to weapons and frames, as some are locked by Mastery rank. You Acquire mastery Exp for every level you gain one every piece of equipment you use.

EXP Values

  • Frames/Companions – +200 per rank, max 6,000
  • Any Weapon – +100 per rank, max 3,o00

If you apply a forma to your weapon  or frame you CANNOT get this EXP again. It will only count the first time you level an item.

Mastery Test are different every rank, some are very similar though. You get one chance to pass a mastery test. Whether you pass or fail, it will be 24 hours before you can attempt another.

You will gain and keep all mastery EXP you gain, even if you’re ready for a test. Just play and have fun! Don’t worry about taking tests as soon as you get them. It is recommended you do take them when logging in for the day. That way, if you’re ready for another one tomorrow, you can take that one when you start tomorrow too, instead of playing until you can or having to come back to it later.

Orokin Catalysts/Reactor + Forma

All of these items will enhance your warframes and weapons. All of these can be bought for platinum only. We don’t recommend you do that unless there is a need. There are ways to get these without spending money.

You can obtain forma blueprints from mission in an area called the Void. For a new player these will be difficult and can grants piece of strong weapons, but it’s advised to hold off on running them until you have more experience with the game.

Blueprints for the Reactors and Catalysts (often referred to as potatoes due to visual similarities), can be gotten a few ways. They can be obtained in Alerts and Invasions as possible rewards. The Devstreams that happen every other friday will also bring one or both of these as a special 24 hour alert after the devstream ends.


Collectively, these consist of Kubrows and Sentinels. These are basically pets that aide you in battle. Both have a high cost to acquire in terms of credits. A Sentinel’s Blueprint require 100,000 credits to purchase and another 15,000-25,000 to craft. A Power core to hatch a kubrow egg has a lower cost, but keeping the kubrow healthy can be costly over time.

A Sentinel is a drone that follows you. It has a high initial cost, but no upkeep costs. They have special guns they use to help in combat and have various abilities. These are available whenever affordable.

A Kubrow is a dog-like creature that is hatched from an egg. It has low initial cost, but moderate upkeep costs. Since A kubrow is genetically modified to be loyal to you, that modification makes its DNA unstable. This require the occasional purchase of stabilizers to keep them at peak performance. These are only available after completed the “Howl of the Kubrow” quest. This quest is obtained from defeating the boss Jackal on Fossa, Venus.



Throughout play, you will come across many lockers like these and many breakable crates. Starting out, you will want to open/break ALL containers. These can contain EXP, Credits, Resources, Mods, Ammo, Health, Energy and even Mods. All of these will further your ability as Tenno.

Be sure to explore your maps and look around. There is plenty of loot hidden about. Lots of hidden areas that you may find may have loads of containers or lockers. These hidden ones in some places can also have higher chances of dropping better stuff!


With that, you’ve finished the tutorial, the Vor’s Prize Quest and reached the end of this guide. We hope that you’ve learned to the best Tenno possible.

Good Luck to All New Tenno!

Thanks for reading!