The sniper category in conclave is very well balanced within itself. Everything is a give and take, and you are sure to find one to satisfy your tastes. One of the most interesting features is that these snipers are not just placed on a curve of speed vs damage. Instead, they have many differences between them that totally change how they function without making one objectively more powerful but slower, as seen in other games.

Keep in mind, all snipers are going to require the mod, Lie in Wait. This mod increases sniper damage by 60% while scoped, and defines what they are, as weapons that need to be scoped to be fully effective. On top of this, most snipers also have an innate scope bonus, based on what scope level you’re at. This increases the damage even more if you move up to the next scope level, and can be used on some snipers to make sure that you two shot an enemy that’s just barely outside of your two shot range.

Damage of snipers is calculated by (Impact + Puncture + Slash) x (1st scope bonus) x (1.6 Lie in Wait)


Sniper Characteristics


Best for free for alls and situations where you need to be ready at all times.

Damage: 150
IPS Ratio: 40% Impact, 35% Puncture, 25% Slash
Magazine: 1
Reload: 0.9 seconds

+Very high damage
+Low reload
+2 shot combo counter
+Balanced IPS
-Unable to double tap
-Inconsistent accuracy issues

Its solid two shot potential will allow you to be confident in whether or not you will kill a target. It doesn’t have long reloads like other snipers, but instead it has a very short reload after every shot. This means that it’s almost always ready to use, but won’t be able to hit twice in a row quickly like other snipers with a magazine can.


Vectis Prime

Best for longer ranges, but able to take on nearly any situation.

Damage: 140
IPS Ratio: 45% Puncture, 40% Impact, 15% Slash
Magazine: 2
Reload: 0.9 seconds+High Damage
+Low reload
+Extra shot for double taps
+Balanced IPS
-Unusable combo counter
-Unwieldy zoom level

Almost identical to regular Vectis, but with a second shot in the magazine, allowing it to double tap, but only if you use both shots well. It also has a very high scope zoom, which can make it difficult for close range combat.



Best for slower situations where it will have chances to reload or where something else can take out shields.

Damage: 135
IPS Ratio: 80% Puncture, 10% Impact, 10% Slash
Magazine: 4
Reload: 3.5+High burst potential
+Can be used as a finisher
=Medium damage
=Primarily puncture
-Very long reload
-Relatively small magazine


Its Puncture damage means that it’s not going to be able to take out shields very well, but if those shields are gone, it will easily kill any enemy. It’s extremely slow, so you’re better off using it in situations where you’ll have time to prepare or will have teammates backing you up.


Snipetron also is the only sniper with punch through, allowing it to shoot through doors, slightly around corners, and even through enemies to get double kills.


Snipetron Vandal

Much better than Snipetron for faster situations, but still leans towards coordination and teamwork.

Damage: 127
IPS Ratio: 90% Puncture, 5% Impact, 5% Slash
Magazine: 6
Reload: 2+Large magazine
+Fast reload
=Primarily puncture
-Low damage


Similar strategies as Snipetron, but its higher puncture ratio and less total damage makes it unable to take on shields even more, however it still maintains being able to take out almost all health pools.
Snipetron Vandal inherits Snipetron’s punchthrough aspect, giving it the same advantages there.



Best for pairing with a puncture secondary and synergizing for efficient kills.

Damage: 137
IPS Ratio: 80% Impact, 16% Puncture, 4% Slash
Magazine: 5
Reload: 3+Primarily impact
+Great for combos
+Large magazine
=Medium damage
-Long reload
-Requires Ambush Optics
-No extra scope bonuses


This weapon is the best for utilizing your entire loadout because one shot will tear through any shield in the game, leaving your secondary open to taking out the health. It is almost as slow as Snipetron, but it’s much more efficient due to utilizing secondaries, so it will feel much faster.



Best for putting pressure on enemies and staying active.

Damage: 114
IPS Ratio: 50% Impact, 40% Slash, 10% Puncture
Magazine: 6
Reload: 2+Large magazine
+Fast reload
+Uses regular rifle mods
+Very versatile
-Very low damage
-Slightly inaccurate


This weapon is great for free for alls because it’s extremely fast, even though you will have to hit three times to get a kill. It’s good to note that it uses rifle mods, opening the way for some mods that can make it much better, such as loose hatch, which will increase its reload speed to only 1.6 seconds. However, that means that it isn’t balanced for using sniper mods either, which makes it more of a no-scope weapon.