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  • Warframe Devstream #73 overview

Devstream #74 Overview

Passive Warframe Abilities • Ash increases the duration of bleed procs • Banshee currently silences all weapons, although it's subject to change • Ember regenerates energy and strengthens her powers when afflicted with fire proc [...]

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Rathuum Event Ogris Mod: Nightwatch Napalm

What it does: 30% of your total damage in a 90% area (derived from the area of effect of the explosion) over 6 seconds. Pros: Why you would use it A: In low level [...]

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  • Warframe Devstream #73 overview

DevStream 73 Overview

PBR Updates • Nyx Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime, and Excalibur Prime are all receiving PBR in the Rathuum Update later today • Click HERE to see a sped up version of the PBR process [...]

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Warframe Passives Datamined

A dataminer by the name of VoiD_Glitch been kind enough to share with us his findings. Here is what he has for us so far on warframes without passives. Please remember that: "None of this [...]

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Update 14 Guide

A lot has changed with update 14. Expect to see a lot of UI improvements, an awesome new tenno ship to cruise around in, a pet Kubrow, and a new warframe: Mirage. To help you [...]

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Website Update

So we've been receiving a ton of emails asking us, when are we going to have PS4 price lists? When are we going to get more builds? When are weapon guides coming? etc, etc. Well [...]

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Mogamu Reviews Loki Prime

The new Loki is here, and hes got a nice new look. how do you get him? Well...you can buy the Prime Access for about 80 USD or you can trade prime parts in game [...]

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A.G.G.P Reviews Bo Prime

Hey what's up you guys it's Rob from A Guy Guy Plays. Today on the quickdraw we'll be taking a look at the bow prime. With the release of Loki Prime Access bring us yet [...]

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A.G.G.P Reviews Pyrana

Hey what's up you guys. It's Rob from A Gay Guy Plays. Today on the quickdraw we are all teeth when we take a look at the Pyrana. So the Pyrana is a shotgun style [...]

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Don't have time to make this look nice so I figured I would still at least try to get you the information. Here it is! (we'll make this look nice soon) By the way, DO [...]

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