• Warframe Devstream #73 overview

Devstream #74 Overview

Passive Warframe Abilities • Ash increases the duration of bleed procs • Banshee currently silences all weapons, although it's subject to change • Ember regenerates energy and strengthens her powers when afflicted with fire proc [...]

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  • Warframe Devstream #73 overview

DevStream 73 Overview

PBR Updates • Nyx Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime, and Excalibur Prime are all receiving PBR in the Rathuum Update later today • Click HERE to see a sped up version of the PBR process [...]

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PAX East Dev Panel Overview

Credit for this overview goes to AM-Bunny from the forums. Thanks again for your wonderful overviews.  […]

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Devstream #61 Overview

The devstream has landed. Unfortunately, it's not a follow up to NYCC. It is however a lot of good stuff that wasn't shown or really talked about there! As per usual, we'll start with a [...]

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2015 NYCC Panel Coverage!

This turned out almost like a Devstream with bonus goodies, but less demos. Unfortunately, we weren't in attendance, but we've done our best to get what info we can out of the footage from for [...]

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Devstream #60 Overview

Apologies Tenno, busy lately. This is quite late, but 17.5 hasn't hit yet! I'd like to thank AM-Bunny again for their helpful overviews on the forums! There's a lot of content to cover here, and [...]

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Devstream #58 Overview

Before we kick this off, we'd like to thank AM-Bunny from the forums, for allowing the use of their captured images of the shown content for the devstream. This was able to be finished in [...]

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Devstream 57 Synopsis – U17 Soon!

From "Sharkwing" to land in one mission, Utility mod slot and the new Warframe Equinox all getting their debut on Devstream 57; we have a lot to cover. We'll save the big stuff for last, [...]

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Update 14 Guide

A lot has changed with update 14. Expect to see a lot of UI improvements, an awesome new tenno ship to cruise around in, a pet Kubrow, and a new warframe: Mirage. To help you [...]

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  • warframe dev stream 30 overview synopsis

Dev Stream 30 Synopsis

There is a lot to be excited for. In this week's live stream, the devs talk about upcoming bosses, re-works, and new enemy types. Also, a lot of the ideas, that the community has come up [...]

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