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  • Warframe Devstream #73 overview

Devstream #74 Overview

Passive Warframe Abilities • Ash increases the duration of bleed procs • Banshee currently silences all weapons, although it's subject to change • Ember regenerates energy and strengthens her powers when afflicted with fire proc [...]

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Update 18.11.0 – New Build Potential

We won’t be covering the entirety of the update here, the full patch notes are available on the Official Warframe site. What we are going to cover though are the new warframe augments and the new weapon, the Stradavar while giving our opinions on all of them. […]

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PAX East Dev Panel Overview

Credit for this overview goes to AM-Bunny from the forums. Thanks again for your wonderful overviews.  […]

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Warframe Passives Datamined

A dataminer by the name of VoiD_Glitch been kind enough to share with us his findings. Here is what he has for us so far on warframes without passives. Please remember that: "None of this [...]

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TennoArmory News Vol. 1

Welcome to the first of many of this type of article. These short articles will serve to show you the latest content added to our site. This will likely become a frequent thing, either every other week or every month, depending on what’s going on. […]

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Notice: The Front Page

Just wanted to make a quick article here, and explain why the front page doesn’t show all activity. […]

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What To Expect In Update 18

With Update 18 with a confirmed target date of December 2, let’s take a quick overview of the things that could be coming with this update. We’ll mostly be touching up on things from Devstream 61-63, and NYCC.  […]

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Updates to TennoArmory

We've been a little slow to the draw lately when it comes to updates and such. For that I personally apologize. With that, let's talk about some of the upcoming content to be seen here [...]

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Devstream #61 Overview

The devstream has landed. Unfortunately, it's not a follow up to NYCC. It is however a lot of good stuff that wasn't shown or really talked about there! As per usual, we'll start with a [...]

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2015 NYCC Panel Coverage!

This turned out almost like a Devstream with bonus goodies, but less demos. Unfortunately, we weren't in attendance, but we've done our best to get what info we can out of the footage from for [...]

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