This is a specialized build for Ember that allows her to hold defense points quite well, especially against the Infested. It focuses on Power and duration and utilizes her abilities for high damage. This build leaves 2 slots open, but only 3 points. With forma you may add to the build as you wish. There are alternatives to this build to add to it without forma as well

Health 300 Power Strength +184%
Shields 300 Power Efficiency -25%
Armor 15 Power Duration +71.5%
Power 638 Power Range -66%
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-rifle-amp mods-wf-strength-Transient-Fortitude mods-wf-Streamline mods-wf-strength-Blind-Rage mod-blank
mods-wf-strength-Intensify mods-wf-Primed-Flow mods-wf-duration-Narrow-Minded mod-blank
  • Rifle Amp – For maximum mod capacity. Goes well with this build.
  • Streamline – To counteract the efficiency drop of Blind Rage.
  • Primed Flow – Increases maximum energy capacity
  • Blind Rage/Intensify/Transient Fortitude – Gives Ember’s abilities a boost in power.
  • Narrow Minded – Gives the highest duration for cost.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

mods-wf-duration-Constitution mods-wf-duration-Primed-Continuity mods-wf-Vitality mods-wf-Rage mods-wf-quick-thinking
  • Constitution – Additional duration for skills.
  • Continuity – Doesn’t matter if it’s primed or not, duration benefits this build. Either could be swapped in over Narrow Minded to add more points but get less duration and more range.
  • Redirection/Vigor/Vitality – Increases Ember’s health and shields to make her less squishy.
  • Rage + Quick Thinking – Turns her large energy pool into additional survivability.

Ability Breakdown

ability_icons_ember_fire_ball Fireball: Costs 31.25 energy. Deals 1,136 + 426 damage to impacted enemy and 426 to nearby enemies. Accelerant Boost: 8,065.6 + 3,024.6 to impacted target, 3,024.6 to nearby targets.
ability_icons_ember_overheat Accelerant: Costs 62.5 energy. Affects a 6.8m radius for 25.7 second with a 710% increase to received Heat Damage.
ability_icons_ember_fire_blast Fire Blast: Costs 93.75 energy. Hits a 15m radius with 426 damage on cast.  leaves a 4m ring that deal 426 damage per second to enemies. Accelerant Boost: 3,024 on cast and per sec for fire ring.
ability_icons_ember_world_on_fire World on Fire: Costs 62.5 energy to activate and drains 2.19 energy per second. Deals 1,136 damage per hit in a 5.1m radius. Accelerant Boost: Damage increase to 8,065.6 damage per hit.


  • High Damage output.
  • Amazing against Infested.
  • Great for Defense and Mobile Defense Missions.


  • Squishy and still very susceptible to ranged units.
  • Increased energy cost.
  • Damage against anything but infested gets reduced a bit.