This build is focused on letting Wukong use his abilities almost freely, while maximizing for channel costs. This allows free use of Wukong’s abilities, giving him incredible sustain and tankiness. You can have Defy on an almost 100% uptime with this build, as well as Primal Fury if you wish. This setup allows you to use Primal fury without it suffering from a huge range loss.

The build uses Rage and a high health pool to allow Wukong to gain energy from taking damage and using that energy to keep himself alive.

This is a full build, with only the exilius slot left open. There are 7 points remaining to allow for upgrade, or a low cost Exilius mod.

Health 740 Power Strength
Shields 375 Power Efficiency +75%
Armor 225 Power Duration +69%
Power 300 Power Range -21%
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-steel-charge mods-wf-Vitality mods-wf-duration-Continuity mods-wf-efficiency-Fleeting-Expertise mods-wf-Flow
mods-wf-duration-Narrow-Minded mods-wf-Rage mods-wf-efficiency-Streamline mods-wf-range-Stretch
  • Steel Charge – Provides Maximum possible Mod points.
  • Vitality – Boosts Wukong’s Maximum health.
  • Continuity/Narrow Minded – Adds duration to Wukong’s abilities.
  • Streamline/Fleeting Expertise – Maximizes efficiency for all abilities.
  • Rage – Gives extra means of getting energy.
  • Flow – Expands Wukong’s energy pool.
  • Stretch – Partially counteracts Narrow Minded’s negative effect.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

mods-wf-Steel-Fiber mods-wf-Primed-Flow mods-wf-duration-Primed-Continuity mod-blank
  • Steel Fiber – Increases your armor, can increase the effectiveness of Rage.
  • Primed Mods – Offer greater benefits over their non-prime counter parts

Ability Breakdown

Iron Jab:  Deals 800 Impact damage and knockdown enemies in a narrow path in front of you.
Defy: Costs 3 energy to activate and costs 1.25 energy a second to keep active. While active, Wukong sacrifices energy to survive lethal damage and become invulnerable for 8.45 seconds. 75% of health is restored, this amount is continually reduced by the same factor each successive death getting defied. The amount of energy consumed also increases by 75% each time.
Cloud Walker: Costs 6.25 to activate and lasts for up to 42.25 seconds.. Stuns all enemies within 6.32m upon activation and deactivation. Drains 1 energy every 10m traveled while this ability is active.
Primal Fury:  Costs 6.25 energy to activate and costs 0.75 energy per second to channel. Deals 250 Impact damage on hit. Gives 15.8% bonus range, scales off your Melee weapon’s range after mods.


  • Has high Survivability.
  • Decent damage.
  • High energy efficiency.


  • Defy can drain your energy quickly if not being used.