warframe nekrosThe Desecrate build is a good build to use when farming for mods and resources. Your aim is to get your Reach and Power Efficiency as optimized as possible so that you are able to “spam” Desecrate on enemy corpses for a chance at more loot. Make sure you are either bringing friends that can carry you through the mission or weapons that will make up for the lack of offensive capabilities.

This build leaves 2 slots and 12 points open for additional options.

Health 740 Power Strength +184%
Shields 300 Power Efficiency +35%
Armor 15 Power Duration +87.5%
Power 225 Power Range
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-energy-siphon mods-wf-range-Stretch mods-wf-range-Overextended mods-wf-efficiency-Fleeting-Expertise mods-augment-nekros-despoil
mods-wf-Equilibrium mod-blank-v mods-wf-Streamline mod-blank
  • Despoil – Synergizes with Equilibrium to keep health and energy full. Allows your energy to be used for anything that’s not farming.
  • Energy Siphon – Increases energy regeneration to continue spamming Desecrate. Can be swapped for Rejuvenation if using despoil for better synergy.
  • Overextended/Stretch – Maximizes range to desecrate as many fallen enemies as possible.
  • Streamline – Increases Power Efficiency. Only Rank 2 is required.
  • Fleeting Expertise – Increases Power Efficiency.
  • Equilibrium – Gives you energy with health globes and visa versa. Synergizes with Despoil Augment to keep health and energy full.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

mods-wf-Primed-Flow mods-wf-NaturalTalent mods-wf-Rage mods-augment-nekros-Soul-Survivor  mods-augment-nekros-Shield-of-Shadows
  • Flow / Primed Flow – Increases energy reserves. Recommended to replace Despoil if you don’t own Despoil.
  • Natural Talent – Increases cast speed of abilities.
  • Rage / Quick Thinking – Turns your energy you don’t need for much else (thanks to Despoil) into survivability.
  • Soul Survivor – Allows you to expend your energy to revive a teammate at range.
  • Shield of Shadows – Provides a small amount of damage mitigation.

Ability Breakdown

ability_icons_nekros_soul_punch Soul Punch: Costs 6.25 energy and inflicts 200 damage.
Soul Survivor: Revives a downed player with 12% of their max health at the cost of your energy.
ability_icons_nekros_terrify Terrify: Costs 18.75 energy, effects 8 enemies, and has a 47 meter range. Provides 8% armor reduction.
ability_icons_nekros_desecrate Desecrate: Costs 12.5 health (or energy if not using Despoil) and has a 58.8 meter range. 
ability_icons_nekros_shadows_of_the_dead Shadows of the Dead: Costs 25 energy, provides 3 shadow clones, and has a 12 second duration. Shadows will have 40% bonus health and 60% bonus damage.

Shield of Shadows: Provides an 18% damage reduction (6% per shadow) for the duration.


  • Provides amazing farming potential.
  • Soul Punch provides cheap single target crowd control.
  • Terror provides a cheap panic skill.
  • Terror lasts 10 seconds, so you can actually cast it again if an enemy manages to stay alive and run away.


  • Terror only affects 8 enemies and armor reduction reduced to 8%.
  • Augments cover a lot of weaknesses but can take up too many mod slots.