PBR Updates
• Nyx Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime, and Excalibur Prime are all receiving PBR in the Rathuum Update later today
• Click HERE to see a sped up version of the PBR process

• Hopefully should release in U19
• Lunaro is casual and competitive in comparison to the PvP’s fast and elite gameplay
• Lunaro is fundamentally a sport – that involves passing, tackling, goals, etc
• The final part of Steve’s spoiler vine briefly showed Lunaro

The Bourbon List
• The Bourbon List is a collection of most of the core problems in Warframe
•  Onboarding = Starchart problems with excess superfluous nodes
• Cheese Pizza = Using specific builds that can one-shot bosses
• Grindin’ = Void Fatigue
• Samey-Same = Refreshing old environments that haven’t seen any updates
• Dracoville = XP Farms
• Money = For long term players with a lot of money, there’s very little to show for it; it would be nice to give vets something nice
• Silence = Dead time in between events
• Chopsticks = Fast paced PvP gameplay that is hard to grasp and easily ruined by migrations
• Musty Smell = Adding a reason for Sentients to exist within the Starchart and provide a new challenge that can’t be overcome with regular gear
• Yolk = Updating Dojos and Dark Sectors
• This list is huge, and addressing it is an ongoing process, but these problems are always on the dev’s minds

Conclave Servers
• It’s being explored that players with extremely high end computers might be able to host dedicated servers
• If a player’s dedicated server is highly rated for performing well, they will be given rewards for helping

Forma Update
• After applying a Forma, its level will reset to match your MR rather than unranked
• This might be accompanied with a nerf to passive XP gain while a weapon is unequipped
• Levels skipped by your MR are still applied to your Mastery Rank XP as normal
• This is just being explored, not confirmed 100%

Market Overhaul
• The Market UI is being re-designed
• Better visuals, better categories, a ‘hide owned’ feature, the overhaul is shaping up really well
• The prices of certain items such as Fusion Core packages are being reviewed as well

Archwing Updates
• There is going to be a new batch of Archwing Updates coming
• Archwing racing is coming
• There are several new mission types coming – one includes chasing a large ship
• The flight system is being reviewed as well with regards to inertia and weight
• Some of the older, less refined Archwing content may be retired as well

Volt’s Riot Shield

• Volt’s revamp has been updated to include a Riot Shield feature that came from community member Server
• Volt will now be able to carry his Electric Shield – his energy will be drained while holding it
• Volt is limited to secondary and melee weapons while carrying his shield

Environmental Hazards
• Hazards are being updated with the Starchart revamp to be more relevent
• Rather than being random, they will be determined by time cycles
• Their effects are so strong, modding to defend against them may be viable
• Click HERE to see a brief demo of the new environmental hazards

Other Stuff
• Passive Warframe powers and the Mag/Volt Updates should launch before the end of May

Tennogen Winners


• A mature Kavat won’t have the same size range as Kubrows – they’ll be about cheetah sized
• Release date of Kavat was mentioned to be U19 again, despite previously saying they might be before
• Click HERE to see some Kavat kitten animations

New Gunblade

New Weapons

• New Gunblade is in the works – release date should be before Summer
• Geoff thinks there should be a new Gunblade Stance added
• Dual Sais are being added
• Will be dual dagger class, probably accompanied by a new Stance

Possible new weapon type


Rathuum Event
• Releasing today on PC
• This event will allow players to fight the new Kela De Thaym
• The arena disables gear items and has other combat modifiers for more difficulty
• There will be an element of clan competition
• Rewards include Furax Wraith

Credit for overview goes to @ AM-Bunny https://forums.warframe.com/topic/642917-devstream-73-overview/