Passive Warframe Abilities
• Ash increases the duration of bleed procs
• Banshee currently silences all weapons, although it’s subject to change
• Ember regenerates energy and strengthens her powers when afflicted with fire proc
• Hydroid will have a % change to spawn a single Kraken Tentacle when he performs a ground slam attack
• Limbo’s passive is currently undetermined
• Loki’s passive is currently not finalized; considering giving him infinite wall latch
• Mag’s passive is an item vacuum when bullet jumping
• Nekros restores some health every time a nearby enemy dies
• Nova knocks down all nearby enemies when she is knocked down
• Nyx has a % chance to disarm enemies when they’re hit by her powers (Mind Control will only disarm them *after* the duration)
• Oberon’s passive is currently not finalized; considering giving him the ability to make wildlife enemies friendly
• Trinity can revive allies faster and from farther away
• Vauban will give allies in range bonus armour
• Volt receives an electric bonus to his next attack according to the amount of distance he travels
• Warframe Passives will launch before the end of May

Umbra Excalibur
• If players had known exactly what The Second Dream revealed before they played it, the experience would have been ruined – The situation with Umbra Excalibur is similar to this
• There is currently a plan for how Umbra Excalibur will be introduced into the global build, and work has been done – it’s no longer just in the planning stages
• The only reason there is so little information on Umbra is to prevent spoilers and hopefully make the experience more enjoyable for players
• No current ETA for Umbra’s release

Market Overhaul
• The UI is being completely redone
• Will feature a search bar for easier browsing
• There will be Wishlists so that other players can see what you’re interested in
• There will be the option to ‘Hide Owned’
• Item categories and organization are being refined in general
• Market Revamp may come before U19
• Click HERE to see Rebecca navigate the new Market

Vauban Changes
• Vauban Prime releases next week on all platforms
• Bounce has been divided into 4 different Grenade types that will be cycled similar to Ivara’s Quiver
• Bounce Grenade creates a bounce pad as normal
• Trip laser will create a 10m long beam that impedes enemies based on their speed when they hit it
• Shred grenade will reduce enemy armour and launch them away
• Concuss Grenade will produce a radial stun
• Vauban’s other powers besides Bounce remain unchanged
• Click HERE to see Rebecca use Vauban Prime to demonstrate the Bounce changes

Colourblind Support
• There are changes coming to help colourblind players
• Now doors will display as lit or unlit rather than just different colours of lights

Other Stuff
• The devs had hoped to make Quests replayable in U19, but it’s looking as though that may not happen now – still something that the devs want to implement
• Volt and Mag revamps along with Secondary Mod Support for Mesa’s Peacemaker will release before the end of May
• Custom melee holstering and Kavats will release in U19
• Archwing will receive a new flight model featuring six degrees of freedom – not currently polished enough to show
• Archwing will receive a bundle of new content including Archwing racing and a ship pursuit mission type – likely coming in U19
• Fairy Warframe should be previewed next Devstream – has very unique idle animations that might look odd on other Warframes