NezhaBuildProfile This build is designed around the high amount of CC provided by Nezha’s skills; Specifically the Firewalker and Blazing Chakram combo as well as Divine Spears. For now, this seems like the only reasonable to use build for Nezha.

This build leaves the Exilus slot open, with 2 remaining points.

Health 225 Power Strength -60%
Shields 225 Power Efficiency +75%
Armor 175 Power Duration +97%
Power 225 Power Range +69%
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery +40%

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-energy-siphon mods-wf-duration-Constitution mods-wf-duration-Narrow-Minded mods-wf-range-Stretch mods-wf-efficiency-Fleeting-Expertise
mods-wf-efficiency-Streamline mods-wf-duration-Continuity mods-wf-range-Overextended mods-wf-NaturalTalent
  • Energy Siphon – You need the energy regen to help you keep Warding Halo (most of your survivability) up.
  • Continuity / Constitution / Narrow Minded – Maximising duration for the CC provided by Divine Spears.
  • Stretch / Overextended – Maximize range of the FW + BC combo knockdown and Divine Spears.
  • Streamline (R2) / Fleeting Expertise – Max out efficiency to make the skills easier to use with the small energy pool.
  • Natural Talent – This is a personal option for me. I found Warding Halo to be a bit slow to cast and this helped a lot with keeping it up.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

PrimedContinuity mods-wf-Vitality mods-wf-Redirection mods-wf-cunning-drift
  • Primed Mods – Increases effectiveness over normal variant. In this case, Increasing duration.
  • Vitality or Redirection – Use one of these in place of Natural Talent if you feel it casts fast enough.  If you still want this with Natural Talent, it’d be recommended to drop Constitution.
  • Cunning Drift – Adds additional range from your exilus slot.

Ability Breakdown

ability_icons_nezha_fire_walker Firewalker: Costs 6.25 energy to activate and drains 1.25 energy a second.  Leaves a trail that deals 80 heat damage per second and lasts 19.7 seconds. If active when teleporting with Blazing Chakram, Firewalker will trigger an explosion in a 10.1m radius for 500 heat damage. While active Nezha’s movement speed is increased by 20%
ability_icons_nezha_blazing_chakram Blazing Chakram: Costs 6.25 energy to cast. The chakram will bounce up to 5 times before returning to Nezha. Enemies hit by the chakram will be marked and will restore 90 health to allies within 13.5m, if killed within 19.7 seconds.
ability_icons_nezha_warding_halo Warding Halo: Costs 18.75 energy to activate.  Has a base health of 360 + 100% of armor (535 total). Nezha is immune to damage and status effects while this is active. Deals 50 slash damage per second to enemies within 3.38m, also staggering them while they are in range.
ability_icons_nezha_divine_spears Divine Spears: Costs 25 energy to activate. Deals 240 puncture damage and impales enemies in a 32.1m radius. They remain impaled for 23.6 seconds. Reactivating or letting the ability time out will deal another 240 Puncture damage.


  • Tons of CC
  • Warding Halo can make him deceptively durable.
  • Decent support, with a fire trail that cleanses status effects.


  • Lacks a ton of damage, but makes up for it with CC.
  • Really fragile without Warding Halo up.