EquinoxBuildProfile2 This build is designed to be an all around build. This allows you to use both forms without any complications to suit the situation. This build uses a fair amount of power strength to increase the power of Equinox’s abilities.

Health 300 Power Strength +129%
Shields 300 Power Efficiency +35%
Armor 100 Power Duration +39%
Power 450 Power Range -21%
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-energy-siphon mods-wf-duration-Narrow-Minded mods-wf-strength-Blind-Rage mods-wf-strength-Intensify mod-blank
mods-wf-efficiency-Fleeting-Expertise mods-wf-efficiency-Streamline mods-wf-range-Stretch mods-wf-Flow
  • Energy Siphon – Gives us passive energy regen and plenty of mod space.
  • Flow – Expands pool of available energy.
  • Intensify/Blind Rage – Increase the potency of all of Equinox’s abilities.
  • Fleeting Expertise/Streamline – Maximizes energy efficiency, counteracts Blind Rage.
  • Narrow Minded – Counteracts Fleeting Expertise duration loss.
  • Stretch – Partially counteracts Range loss from Narrow Minded.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

mods-wf-Primed-Flow mods-wf-strength-Transient-Fortitude mods-wf-Vitality
  • Primed Mods – Increased benefits over the non-primed mods.
  • Transient Fortitude – gives that little oomph of power strength at the sacrifice of duration.
  • Vitality – Increases your health pool, allowing you to get even better survival when switching to Night form with Metamorphosis.

Ability Breakdown

ability_icons_equinox_metamorphosis Metamorphosis: Costs 16.25 Energy, lasts 34.75 seconds.

Night Bonus – Gains 572.5 armor and 343.5 shields that decays over the duration.

Day Bonus – Gains a damage multiplier of 2.86x and 34.35% Speed bonus over the duration

ability_icons_equinox_restrage Rest & Rage: Costs 16.25 energy, Lasts up 30.5 seconds.

Night – Rest: Hypnotizes all enemies within 1.975m around a target until and lulls them to sleep for the duration, or until they reach 50% of their current health.

Day – Rage: Spurs all enemies withing 1.975m near a targeted enemy into hyperactivity for the duration. Enemies gain 20% movement speed and take 114.5% more damage from all sources.

ability_icons_equinox_pacifiyprovoke Pacifiy & Provoke: Costs 6.5 energy to activate. Channel cost varies between forms. Has a range of 12.64m.

Night – Pacify: Drains 0.325 energy per enemy in the radius. Reduces damage from affected enemies by up to 95%, based on their distance from Equinox.

Day – Provoke: Drains 1.95 energy per allied ability cast. Grants 45.8% power strength to allies in the radius.

ability_icons_equinox_mendmaim Mend & Maim: Costs 32.5 energy to start channelling and 1.64 energy per second . Converts 75% of the enemies killed in the aura into power to be released when the active channel ends. 14.22m range.

Night – Mend: On reactivation, heals allied health and shields for the stored amount, divided between all squad members, companions, hostages and Spectres in range.

Day – Maim: Deals 343.5 damage as Slash per tick with a 100% chance to cause bleeding and stun upon entering the range of the ability. Upon reactivation, unleashes the stored amount as damage to all enemies in range. All enemies take the full damage of this skill.


  • Great utility for solo or team play.
  • Hybrid playstyle makes it suitable for any use and easy to adapt to any player preference.
  • Low energy costs.


  • A little on the softer side, but has a damage reduction aura to cover it, if you have the energy to spare.
  • Doesn’t offer much damage potential outside of Maim or Rage.