InarosBuildProfile This build focuses on Allowing Inaros to freely use all of his abilities; the only one that should be used sparingly is Sandstorm. With this build, you should still be able to freely spam abilities, despite the lack of efficiency. This is in part due to Inaros’ strong synergy with Rage, his high health pool and life draining mechanics.

Health 4,620 Power Strength +144%
Shields 0 Power Efficiency -55%
Armor 420 Power Duration -20%
Power 300 Power Range +45%
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-corrosive-projection mods-wf-strength-Blind-Rage mods-wf-Rage mods-wf-range-Stretch mods-wf-Vitality
mods-wf-strength-Transient-Fortitude mods-wf-Flow mod-blank mods-wf-Steel-Fiber
  • Corrosive Projection – Increases damage dealt while boosting mod pool.
  • Blind Rage / Transient Fortitude – Boost the power of your abilities.
  • Vitality / Steel Fiber – Give you a ton of health and effective health.
  • Rage –  Gives you energy as you soak up damage.
  • Flow – Increases your max energy.
  • Stretch – Gives your more range for all of your abilities.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

mods-wf-Primed-Flow mods-wf-strength-Intensify mods-wf-efficiency-Streamline
  • Primed Mods – Increases effectiveness over normal variant. In this case, Increasing Energy pool.
  • Intensify /Power Drift – Remaining Power strength.
  • Streamline – Increases efficiency if you need it.
  • Coaction Drift – Boost your Aura by 15%
  • Health Conversion – Gives you extra Armor when you pick up a health orb.

Ability Breakdown

ability_icons_inaros_dessication Desiccation: Costs 38.75 energy to cast. Deals 232.5 damage and inflicts a DoT for 19.32 damage per second to enemies in a 21.75m cone. Both the instant damage and DoT steal 25% of damage as health. Blind enemies opening them to finisher for 6.4 seconds.
ability_icons_inaros_devour Devour: Costs 77.5 energy to cast. Pulls an enemy up to 72.5m away to you slowly. Once reaching the enemy will take 610 damage per second, and you will recover health equal to final damage being dealt. You are invulnerable while devouring an enemy. On cast, Devour marks a target to become a sand shadow for the remaining duration of the debuff. They must be killed by Devour or Sandstorm to become a clone. Mark masts 21.75 seconds.
ability_icons_inaros_sandstorm Sandstorm:  Costs 116.25 to activate, Drains 20 energy a second after to channel. Deals 1,220 damage per second in a 21.75m radius. Picks up drops and enemies in range; drops are pulled to you as well and enemies but enemies are also flung randomly. You move at 50% speed and take 50% damage while this is active.
ability_icons_inaros_scarab_swarm Scarab Armor: Hold key to Drain up to 4495 health to add up to 200 additional armor. Tap to deal 488 damage per second to a target within 43.5m at a cost of 25% charge. This DoT will spread to nearby targets within 5m. DoT lasts 9.4 seconds and stuns them for the duration.


  • Incredibly high effective health (Varies based on faction)
  • High Sustain
  • Tons of CC


  • Lacks a ton of damage, but makes up for it with CC.
  • Deals mostly Single Target damage, since Sandstorm is unreliable damage.