Just wanted to make a quick article here, and explain why the front page doesn’t show all activity.

First off, only Tenno Insider posts go on the front page. That of course could be changed, but in the end, wouldn’t change too much. Tenno Insider posts are also few and far between at the moment, They’re usually reserved for Devstream coverage, which we’ve been skipping out on for the moment (oops).

The majority of the focus of the site is around the builds and guides, These are added far more frequently, build especially since we’re currently behind. But now That I’ve gotten the frames and had some time to mess with them, I can add builds as soon as I know what they can do well. So far, it seems like Ivara has three builds at least that will be making an appearance. Guides take a bit more time, both in terms of writing and picking topics.

The reason why guides or builds aren’t shown, is because each has it’s own page, whereas each Tenno Insider is treated as an article. So even though the front page of the site doesn’t change all that often, just keep in mind there is working usually being done in other places on the site.

However, to amend this small issue… I will try to make a post every week or so to list all of the new builds and guides from the time between them.