Operation Rathuum is the currently ongoing event in Warframe. In Operation Rathumm, you are tasked with aiding Grineer defectors by taking their place in the Rathuum Arena, fighting their would-be Executioners.


Rathuum takes place in several stages. There are 3 Stages, and Endurance mission, and a boss fight that occur on separate nodes. All of the Rathuum Arenas, Kela De Thaym’s mission aside, do not allow the use of Companions or Gear.

All Arenas follow rules similar to those of the Conclave. You will start without any initial energy, and most health, energy and ammo will be gotten from designated spawn locations in the Arena. Health Orbs restore 150 health, Energy Orbs restore 50 in the first two tiers and 25 in the Third and endurance runs.

Rathuum Stage One

Possible Modifiers:

  1. Low Gravity – Reduces gravity, similar to the Nightmare mode modifier.
  2. Quick Respawn – Respawn time for Executioners and Players is reduced to 2 seconds from 8.
  3. Speed Boost – Increases the Sprint speed of all players.

In Stage one, Players face off against 2-5 executioners at level 20. The amount of executioners is determined by party size + 1. The goal is to simply kill 25 executioners, with any of the given mods being applied to your team.

Winning this Stage of Rathuum always grants 1 Judgement point. Complete this stage 3 time to Unlock Stage Two.

Recommended Frames: Any

Rathuum Stage Two

Possible Modifiers:

  1. Stage One Modifiers
  2.  Half Energy, Health or Shields – Reduces one of these stats by 50%. Applies after mods.

This Stage is similar to Stage One, with only different is the additional possible modifiers, and the enemy level is increased to 40.

Winning this Stage of Rathuum always grants 10 Judgement points. Complete this Stage once to unlock Stage Three, as you will have the required 10 points (13 at this point).

Recommended Frames: Tanky Frames (Valkyr, Inaros, Chroma, Atlas) or Stealth Frames (Ash, Loki, Ivara)

Rathuum Stage Three

Possible Modifiers:

  1. Stage One Modifiers
  2. Stage Two Modifiers
  3. Health Drain – Players loose 100 Health every 5 seconds. Killing an enemy restores you to full health. Akin to the Vampire Nightmare mode.
  4. Scaling Enemies – Enemy level increases each time they are killed.

This round is similar to Stage One and Stage Two, the important changes here are to the level, now 60; and the amount of energy granted by energy orbs, now 25 instead of 50.

Winning this Stage of Rathuum grants 25 Judgement points. Complete this stage four times, or acquire 100 Judgement points total to be able to fight Kela De Thaym.

Recommended Frames: Tanky Frames (Valkyr, Inaros, Chroma, Atlas) or Stealth Frames (Ash, Loki, Ivara)

Kela De Thaym Showdown

This is not the old Kela, this is her new reworked form. In this mission, players are not restricted from using Companions nor gear and functions as a standard Assassination mission.

Once reaching the Boss Room for Kela, they are tasked with a puzzle of sorts. There are four override switches, how many are active depends on party size. Once all are pushed down, there will also switches that need to be shot on the walls, protected by a rotating plate. One all switches are hit, you are raised into Kela’s Arena.

Armored Rollers also swarm into the room, to disrupt you. It’s best to dedicate one or two players of a group to eliminating them with an AoE weapon.

This version of Kela De Thaym is really agile, so melee would be an ill advised strategy here. Otherwise you can pretty much run anything you want to fight her, though high survivability frame are still generally better.

Once Kela’s health drops to certain points, She retreats to safety and calls in an orbital strike. At this time players will have 15 seconds to hit all four switch on the walls, which behave similar to the the ones below the arena. Once they are all hit, the orbital strike is halted and Kela becomes vulnerable again. Repeat this process until she is defeated.

On Defeat, Kela will drop one of 8 new mods, and a chance to drop the Blueprint for the Twin Khomak. You will also gain access to the Endurance Rathuum mission for the Leader Board portion of the event.

On Completion, you will lose 50 Judgement points, requiring you to run Rathuum 3 twice more, before re-challenging her.

Rathuum Endurance

This mission will always have the Following Modifiers:

  1. One Life – Once you die, you do not respawn. The mission ends when all players die.
  2. Health Drain – Drains 100 health every 5 seconds, restores health on kill.
  3. Scaling Enemies – Enemies gain levels as they die and respawn.

This version of Rathuum will always have the same fixed modifiers. In this Rathuum Arena, you are challenged to kill as many executioners as you can before dying.

Killing 25 or more executioners here will net you an Orokin Reactor. You can go further if your looking to boost your clan’s standing in the event leaderboards but it’s not necessary.

The Rewards

As you work your way up to Kela herself, you will gain event rewards.

  • At 3 Judgement point, on top of unlocking Rathuum Two, you get the Rathuum Badge.
  • At 10 judgement points, as well as access to Rathuum Three, you get the Rathuum Sigil
  • At 100 Judgement points, as well as access to the Kela Showdown, you get the Furax Wraith.

As you defeat Kela De Thaym, you will receive one of nine mods:

AcidShellsMod ElectromagneticShieldingMod FomorianAccelerantMod HarkonarScopeMod Hunter'sBonesawMod
Medi-RayMod NightwatchNapalmMod RiftStrikeMod VulcanBlitzMod

Medi-Ray aside, each of these is a unique mod for a Grineer weapon that more or less add additional utility to your weapon. We’ll be covering these a bit more in-depth in a separate article or articles.

If you want a more in-depth look now, at least at Nightwatch Napalm, you can click here to watch our video covering the mod.

This concludes our coverage of the full event, we’ll continue to cover the mods from the event in the coming days.