Credit for this overview goes to AM-Bunny from the forums. Thanks again for your wonderful overviews. 

New Warframe: Fairy Warframe
• Has razor butterflies that are stored in her arms, skirt and other places
• The base concept of this Warframe was from Rebecca
• She has the ability to shrink herself to a smaller size (cleverly using the Archwing scale)
• She has a ‘Dust Bloom’ passive that creates a gravity well when she bullet jumps that provides buffs to teammates
•  She has some form of floating/flying power
• Release in U19


Vauban Prime
• New cinematic trailer shown along the lines of Saryn Prime’s
• Vauban Prime’s release might accompany some small gameplay updates for Vauban
• Vauban Prime will probably be easier to acquire than vanilla Vauban
• Releasing in late Spring


Next Event/Quest: Rathoom 
• Grineer trial by combat
• An arena that allows you to duel Grineer champions
• This Event is related to Steel Meridian – it could be the start of more Syndicate related Quests
• After advancing through the arena, your most allied Syndicate will contact you with messages

• Exosuit Sentient enemies coming
• The only way to battle them is with a new development for The Focus System
• Part of the rewards for these exosuits will be the procedurally generated arm replacement weapons shown in the art
• This will introduce a new tier of difficulty for high end players


Lunaro Conclave Mode
• A new sports game that will introduce new game mechanics
• A way to earn Conclave standing outside of the regular PVP modes
• This will be a new light and fun addition to the game
• Warframe’s regular movement system will be relevent to Lunaro

Community Q&A
• There are no active plans to revamp Oberon, but all Warframes are on the list to get a re-work eventually
• Hopefully the Map UI will get an update in U19 to make it easier to navigate
• The new Quest Sentinel will have some ability to help guide players through the level
• Geoff will consider adding unarmed attacks to the game like during Zanuka Rescue missions
• All Warframes will get Deluxe Skins eventually
• With the new Starchart, there will be the ability to adjust difficulty of certain nodes that also adjusts rewards
• The devs would like to add new tiles to old tilesets
• The devs are investigating making a less static link between specific enemies and tilesets to specific rewards
• There was talk of a new Dagger in the next Quest and possibly a new Dagger Stance
• The devs would also like to add a new Tonfa Stance
• The devs really want to add Tennogen items to consoles, and it will likely happen still, but it’s just a matter of sorting out the legalities
• The Infestation on The Orbiter is related to a new Quest/Gameplay system – someone on Reddit made a post that was very close to the truth
• Console to PC Migration will never happen due to legal constraints
• There are around 10-15 Community designed Warframes that the devs would like to add to the game someday
• Kubrows will be able to roam freely on the ship in a coming update

Other Stuff
• A new trailer was shown (all old footage) that featured the extended version of the Second Dream music (sound quality was poor though)
• Chroma was probably the most challenging Warframe to model although Equinox also presented a lot more work than others
• From a technical standpoint, Mirage is often the most straining on the game consistently
• The concept for a Mummy-themed Warframe was from Glen
• More lore featuring the Grineer Queens, shown via teaser cinematic – Teaser that U19 may be called The War Within.

You can view AM-Bunny’s overview thread on the forums by clicking here. Their post contains additional images and links to more of the media from this panel. We tried to use less images to keep the article more brief.


This was an amazing panel to watch (Technical difficulties aside) and we’re personally looking forward to having another warframe to create builds for. Some of the other content that was revealed is also  quite interesting and we’ll have to see how it plays out. The teaser cinematics for the upcoming content give us high hope that U19 may end up just as good as U18.