warframe lokiThis build is all about stealth. More specifically it’s about staying in stealth….PERMANENTLY…. well, kind of. You will have to cast it again when the duration ends, but it lasts quite awhile! This build excels against every faction.

What can’t see you can’t attack you… well… kind of. Just don’t hug ancients, walk into incoming fire, and don’t sit next to allies eating rockets or napalm and you will be just fine. This build is also excellent for rushing through quick missions like Exterminate.

This build leaves 1 slot and 10 points left open for forma options. Please note that Rush and Quick Rest are totally optional; They are just included into the build because they do allow the build to have more mobility.

Health 225 Power Strength
Shields 555 Power Efficiency +30%
Armor 65 Power Duration +157%
Power 450 Power Range -66%
Sprint Speed Knockdown Recovery

Recommended Mods

These are the core mods required for an optimal build.

mods-aura-energy-siphon mods-wf-duration-Constitution mods-wf-duration-Narrow-Minded mods-wf-Flow mods-wf-Streamline
mods-wf-Rush mods-wf-duration-Continuity mods-wf-Quick-Rest mod-blank
  • Energy Siphon – Increases your energy regeneration to keep your energy pool high.
  • Flow– Increases your Max Power since we are not using Fleeting Expertise and Invisibility still costs 35 energy.
  • Streamline– Increases your Power Efficiency to reduce the cost of casting Invisibility.
  • Continuity – Increases your Power Duration to make Invisibility last longer.
  • Constitution – Further increases your Power Duration to make Invisibility last longer.
  • Narrow Minded– Maxes your Power Duration to make Invisibility last as long as possible.

Optional Mods

If the Warframe is forma’ed, optional mods allow for a wider mod selection and different preferences.

mods-wf-Redirection mods-wf-Vitality mods-augment-loki-hushed-invisibility
  • Vitality – Additional Survivability. Makes you less vulnerable to Toxin procs/auras.
  • Redirection – Additional Survivability
  • Hushed Invisibility – Allows you to use any weapon completely undetected.

Ability Breakdown

warframe loki ability mod decoy Decoy: Costs 17.5 energy, has a 17 meter range, and lasts 64.3 seconds.
warframe loki ability mod invisibility Invisibility: Costs 35 energy, lasts 30.8 seconds.
warframe loki ability mod switch teleport Switch Teleport: Costs 17.5 energy, has a 25.5 meter range. Confuses enemy for one second.
warframe loki ability mod radial disarm Radial Disarm: Not used in this build. We have a -66% reduced range.


  • Has the ability to stay in stealth throughout the entire mission.
  • Amazing melee damage.
  • Lots of flexibility in mod choices. Can drop Rush/QR for other options
  • Decoy lasts forever, durationwise.


  • Radial Disarm isn’t effective to use due to reduced range.
  • Low survivability outside of Stealth.