Support TennoArmory

Hello there! We here at TennoArmory are dedicated to bringing you quality Warframe content. We’d like to do so for some time to come. In an effort to keep TennoArmory’s content ad-free, we’ve decided to accept donations instead! We also have created a Patreon page as well to try out!

Monetary support not your thing? Scroll down to the “Other” section of this page.

Why Donations?

We chose to go the donation route as it’s much more manageable, and doesn’t distract or get in the way of our content. This way, those of you that wish to support our efforts may do so. Those that don’t aren’t forced to. We respect that it is your decision to make whether you choose to support our site.

Where do Donations Go?

All donations will go directly back into improving the site, it’s content and of course back to the community. That being said, here’s exactly what every donation will contribute to:

  • Site Upgrades – Whether it be visual or the coding that needs work, this will be the primary focus. This may require us to reach out to the community and get help from community artists and such. We’d like to be able to compensate them for their efforts 🙂
  • Giveaway – You give to us, we give back! In the future, we will very likely be able to put together contests and challenges for the warframe community to participate in!
  • Software/Hardware – While this is far from the main donation reason, we would like to bring you a constant flow of content. This is just an “In Case of Emergency” thing.

How Do I Donate?

If you decide to make a donation, feel free to click the button below. You are NOT required to donate a specific amount. All donations provided will be going into improving the site and largely bringing more content to the site.

Donate Button with Credit Cards



Clicking the above image will take you to our new Patreon page! Here you can pledge an amount to give us monthly to support the site. If direct donations aren’t your thing, maybe this will be a good alternative. Feel free to let us know if we can improve the page at all.


Are There Other Ways I Can Support TennoArmory?

Absolutely! If you’re unable to provide a monetary donation, there is plenty that can be done to help out without doing so. We’d appreciate any kind of help we can get. Often time, if we need to call on the community, we’ll do so in the Forums and on Reddit usually.

Are you an artist?

If you’re a community artist and would like to help out, feel free! We’re always open to new logo designs, or art contributions to improve the general aesthetic of the site.

Perhaps a Coder, or familiar with WordPress?

While getting this kind of help is quite an endeavor, I personally am not an avid coder. It’d be difficult for me to upgrade the site on my own.  If you’re capable of making a plugin or something similar that would allow us to get our content out quicker, by all means do so! We’d love to have tools to help us speed up our processes.

A Knowledgeable Tenno?

If you wish you could also help by creating guides for the site. It’s not completely necessary, but if you want to contribute it is an option.


Thanks again Tenno, for any and all support you give us. We hope you’ll continue to support us and enjoying our content.