Welcome to the first of many of this type of article. These short articles will serve to show you the latest content added to our site. This will likely become a frequent thing, either every other week or every month, depending on what’s going on.

Given that not all of our content shows up on  the front page of the site, only full articles.. We’ve decided to go ahead and create these little news articles/updates to fill you in on what’s been going on across the site and to talk a little about other things here and there.

Our Newest Content

Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been working to get caught up after our slight down time. Currently, as far as builds we are caught up. Well aside from a few builds that need to be corrected that We haven’t gotten to just yet, had to prioritize the new stuff first.

We have three new builds, one for each Inaros, Ivara and Nezha! So all of the recently added frames have gotten builds added.

You can click here to view Inaros’ Emperor of the Sands build. This build utilizes power strength to allow Inaros to efficiently recover health.

You can click here to view Ivara’s Spirit of Artemis build. This is a build that focuses on power strength to boost the power of Artemis Bow.

You can click here to view Nezha’s Divine Impalement build. This is a Crowd Control centered build that utilizes range and duration.

No new guides have been created in this time, they’ll probably be on hold until after the builds that need to be updated, get updated.

Upcoming Content

Let’s talk a little about some things to come in the future for the site.

Trade Coverage

I’ve noticed recently that something that seems to draw people to the site is still what’s found when googling for Warframe trading info. Trading is honestly one of my favorite things to cover, and we don’t honestly cover it enough here on Tenno Armory.

If there is a demand for it, I could try to add something dealing with trading, just not full price tables. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see, feel free to leave a comment.

Player Created / Suggested Guides

We’ve launched a Player Created Guides Section! We did have a small contest going for it’s introduction, but it’s been canceled due to lack of participation. If you’ve created a guide you’d like to have hosted here, share it with us via Twitter (@Tenno_Armory) or email us at [email protected]

Currently, the only restriction we have is to keep it clean. No cursing or sexual innuendos please! We suggest using Google Docs for text guides and obviously Youtube for video guides.

With this, we will also take suggestions for guides to create in the future. So if you have a topic you’d like to have explained by us, feel free to use the same means to let us know! Want us to create a more in-depth or advanced guide of one of our existing basic guides? Tell us. (Yes, this will also apply to builds too if you have a suggestion for a unique build you want to submit)

Patch Note Coverage

Recently we’ve been too busy with getting caught up and getting things fixed to get one of these out. We still do plan to continue these, which the next one we do should cover 18.5 and up. There are a lot of change and fixes that have gone mostly unnoticed, so hopefully we can bring those to light soon.

Future Warframe Build Expansion

We’ve been considering adding completed builds as well as our builds that are formaless with recommendation for what you can add after applying forma. Thing is, I’m personally not sure what direction I want to take that.

On one hand, there’s rounding off the builds with the recommend “meta” setups, but then that’d men that all of the current builds would just be switched to mention how many forma they use. But I’ve considered just adding completed builds that are unique and niche. Will they be for everyone? Probably not. Would they be fun to play, hopefully.


That’s all we have to talk about this time around! Let’s us know what you think of this article and its format, as well as the discussion points listed above.