We won’t be covering the entirety of the update here, the full patch notes are available on the Official Warframe site. What we are going to cover though are the new warframe augments and the new weapon, the Stradavar while giving our opinions on all of them.

New Augments

First off, we’d like to cover the augments and their possible potential to create new builds. These mods bring some fairly unique mechanics to the abilties they affect, enough so to where they could be build around.


Ash – Fatal Teleport

This mod by itself is unimpressive. When paired with a High efficiency, high range build (see Melee Assassin build) on Ash that uses a Covert Lethality Dagger for a weapon.. it’s quite powerful. You end up with a low cost teleport that instakills enemies, great for taking out priority targets like Heavy Gunner and Bombards which would otherwise soak up a fair amount of ammo after a while. It’s a better solution for kill priority targets without making your allies waste ammo due to bladestorm.

You can run high efficiency or moderate duration. Either works with this setup. With High efficiency, you get a very spammable, low cost, kill ability. With Duration, you get a safer in and out with Smoke Screen’s invisibility. Wither either you’re still guaranteed the refund if you actually perform the finisher.

Finisher attacks can also proc status, so it may be worthwhile to add an AoE elemental proc you your weapon by adding Gas or Electric, maybe even both. If they proc portions of your damage will hit a small AoE near your initial target it’s not reliably but can make your attacks have more AoE.



Banshee – Resonating Quake

This mod is pretty crazy. It makes Sound Quake a strong offensive ability, rather than the previous CC lockdown only. This mod at base stacks up to 20 times, providing 100 damage, 1m AoE and increases channel cost by 1 per second. Thankfully, all of these numbers are adjustable with the appropriate stats, so if you wanted you could still use this mod solely for the range increase. So let’s jump into the numbers and talk the maximum potential for each increase of each stat of the ability, then an “optimal” build.

  • Maximum Power Strength (199% Strength, -55% Efficiency, -27.5% Duration)
    • Per Stack: 299 damage, 1m AoE, 1.75 drain per second.
    • At Full Stacks: 5,980 damage per second, 20m AoE, 43 drain per second.
    • Total: 6,578 damage per second, 40m AoE, 68 energy per second
  • Maximum Range (150% Range, -60% Damage)
    • Per Stack: 40 damage, 2.5m AoE, 1 drain per second.
    • At Full Stacks: 800 damage, 50m AoE, 20 drain per second.
    • Total: 880 damage, 100m AoE Radius, 32 drain per second
  • “Optimal” (+100% Power Strength, +0% Range, +75% Efficiency, -32.5% Duration)
    • Per Stack: 200 damage, 1m AoE, 0.25 drain per second
    • At Full Stacks: 4,000 damage, 20m AoE, 5 drain per second.
    • Total: 4,400 damage, 40m AoE, 8 Drain per second.

So even without blind rage, you can still achieve high damage with a very manageable drain, making this mod a good offensive option. Modding for range can make it more defensive.



Chroma – Everlasting Ward

This augment is pretty basic, at max rank it allows your allies to keep the bonus of your Elemental Ward, even if they go out of range. So this opens the potential for High duration, low range builds. Nothing too exciting, but it is a great mod if you wanted to set up a support Chroma of some kind.



Oberon – Phoenix Renewal

This is an interesting mod, but mostly pointless. It allows you to revive your allies or rather protect them, if they are under the effects of Renewal. The downside is that the effect can only trigger once per ally every 90 seconds. That downside kills the potential for this mod. It can still have some limited use, but that’s a huge downtime for something that useful for team play. Considering the Soul Puch augment, while single target has no cooldown, and just requires energy to cast. With Zenurik around, that’s not hard to come by.

New Weapon – Stradavar

This unique weapon feature two firing modes (switched with your alt fire key).  The only benefit to using the Semi-auto mode appear to be a slight increase in crit chance (from 10% to 20%). The Semi-auto mode also drastically reduces the fire rate, which kills any potential it may have had before.

I’ve messed with this weapon a little, but refuse to sink forma into it because it has no clear identity as weapon; other than to exist as a test of a new mechanic DE wanted to try. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what comes of this mechanic in the future, but for now, all we get is a mediocre weapon that’s only useful if you build straight damage on it, like most weapons. If they give it some tweaks in the future to buff it’s crit chance or even it’s base damage it may be a decent damage option to consider.

It’s still decent for star chart missions, but not so much for sorties or endless scaling content.