Project Description



This build focuses on more of a “jack-of-all-trades” approach to Mag. While she may not be fully maximizing everything in her kit, she can make great use of all of her kit.  We’ll be more focused on Magnetize and Polarize specifically for the intentions of this build.

The main priorities for this build are to group/disable enemies with Magnetize then to Polarize away their shields and armor for easy kills. If you’re playing a round of defence in a group; you can also just Polarize, then Crush enemies for mass killing.

This build works for most stages of the game, though near end-game it will fall off against heavily armored enemies like Bombards and Heavy Gunners. It’s designed primarily for use against Corpus and Grineer, and should not be considered for Infested Units.

Forma 4
Health 225 Power Strength +100%
Shields 1,110 Power Efficiency +70%
Armor 65 Power Duration -12.5%
Power 425 Power Range +45%
Sprint Speed +0% Knockdown Recovery +0%

Recommended Mods

mods-aura-energy-siphon mods-wf-power-drift
Warframe Primed Continuity mod image mods-wf-primed-flow fleeting expertise rank 3 Warframe Redirection mod
mods-wf-strength-Intensify mods-wf-strength-transient-fortitude mods-wf-efficiency-Streamline mods-wf-range-Stretch

Energy Siphon – This build uses a fair amount of energy. Having the natural regen is incredibly useful.
Power Drift – Gives us an nice even 100% power strength bonus alongside Transient Fortitude and Intensify.
Intensify / Transient Fortitude – Let’s us hit 100 Power Strength to double the damage bonus granted by Magnetize and enhances Polarize’s Armor/Shield shredding.
Primed Continuity – We need some duration to counter Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude’s duration losses. This is so Magnetize last a fair amount of time, but not short enough to be totally useless. This also keeps Polarize from having lowered range.
Fleeting Expertise (3/5) / Streamline – This brings us to nearly capped efficiency so we can cast frequently. Fleeting Expertise is Left at Rank 3 to allow us to keep the extra 20% duration it would take away by maxing it.
Redirection – Your defensive mod. This give you a good boost to shields to help you take a few hits.
Primed Flow – Boosts our energy pool to allow for more casting.
Stretch – Boosts our range for Magnetize to draw together more enemies to be Polarized/Crushed.

Optional Mods

mods-wf-range-Overextended mods-wf-duration-Constitution mods-augment-mag-fracturing-crush

Overextended – An option instead of Primed Flow, if you plan to just use Magnetize for the crowd Control it offers.
Constitution – Another option instead of Primed Flow, If you want additional duration for Magnetize
Fracturing Crush – A possible solution for Heavy units, will provide a VERY temporary armor removal and root. The root and armor removal will last only about 6 second.

Ability Breakdown

ability_icons_mag_pull Pull: Costs 7.5 energy. Deals 600 magnetic Damage in a 36.25m cone, double if any enemy is affected by Magnetize. Enemies killed will have 50% chance to drop an energy orb.
ability_icons_mag_bullet_attractor Magnetize: Costs 15 energy. Creates a field around an enemy drawing in all projectiles and nearby enemies within 5.8m. All incoming damage to the targeted enemy is increased by 400%. Deals 50% of absorbed damage to all enemies in the field. If the target is killed while Magnetized, the field will explode when it expires dealing 600 + 200% of absorbed damage as blast.
ability_icons_mag_shield_polarise Polarize: Costs 22.5 energy. Deals 800 damage as magnetic to Armor and shields, removing the amount dealt. 500% of this damage is then dealt in a 20.3 AoE around a shielded target, or stored as shards on the ground for armor enemies. These shards add to the total damage of Magnetize.

This ability instantly hits all enemies in an AoE around you which then expands outwards over the next 4.4 seconds.

ability_icons_mag_crush Crush: Costs 30 energy. Deals a total of 3000 damage as magnetic in a 26.1m radius over three ticks. If an enemy is Magentized, they take an extra 1500 damage. Enemies that survive this ability are knocked down.


  • High shields.
  • Good against the two most often fought factions.
  • Scales decently well into the end game for everything but heavily armored targets.
  • Magnetize is solid CC and can be used offensively and defensively due to it’s mechanics.


  • You are very susceptible to Toxin Procs, making Infested a nightmare to fight as Mag.
  • Low Health and Armor, meaning you can and will die easily without proper use of Magnetize.
In development. Coming Soon. Thank you for your patience.